TSL Roundtable: How Good are the Hokies Through Three Games?

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How good are the Hokies through three games? (Ivan Morozov)

Three games into the season, how good are the Hokies offensively and defensively?

Nova Hokie 95: The easy answer, of course, is “Good enough to go 3-0.” Because really, what more do we know about this team? 

Okay, that’s not exactly fair. But over the summer in another Roundtable article, I said we needed to find out where on the GPG Scale (Good to Pretty Good) scale the Hokies are — and that answer would tell us whether or not we’d be one of the two teams on the field in Charlotte on December 2. Have we figured that out yet? I don’t believe so.

Okay, that’s not exactly fair either. I think we’ve at least figured out we’re not toward the lower end of that scale; I think especially as the season goes on, beating WVU will gain more and more luster than it already has. We showed what we were made of mentally, emotionally, AND physically that day. And count me among the folks who said after the Delaware game that it should be thrown out of all computations. The context of that game, I believe, is such that we can’t really take much from it at all.

Then came ECU. That was a whipping. But … against a horrible team that had already been whipped by an FCS school in James Madison, and the vanquished WVU Mountaineers looking to make a statement after their loss to us. 

So the best I can put it is, that game showed us how good we CAN be. Just because Frank Beamer isn’t the coach