2017 Roster Analysis and Predictions

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I’ve been chipping around the edges of this piece for a while, and having fiddled a bit, I think I’ve got my expected outcomes for the season set.

Passing Game

I’m going to lump quarterbacks and receivers together here.

My hunch is that yardage-wise things won’t be too different from last year. That’s not necessarily a good or bad thing. First, I trust this staff to create offense, and I think there’s enough stability on the o-line to keep Josh Jackson upright. Receiver is a relatively easy position to pick up in this offense, so I don’t think that’s going to be a huge problem. Put another way, if Tech’s going to be young somewhere, receiver is a good spot for it.

Second, I think Tech’s opponents are going to be conducive to the passing game: they’ll be focused on the run.  Many are replacing QBs and I don’t think their offensive coaches are as good as VT’s, which means more plays for Tech’s offense; and there will be more suspect secondaries in the mix this year.

Still, there will likely be more interceptions, given all the newness on the field. Genius conclusion, right?  I say that thinking, though, that Evans seemed to get away with more bad throws than the usual QB, so it might be a shock to the system for Hokie fans just looking at the numbers. But maybe more importantly, I think where the lack of experience shows up will be in clutch plays. I think we’ll see more guys get the yips and more routes mixed up on third down. I also think we won’t see as many crazy endzone and sideline catches like we’ve been spoiled with lately.

I’m also not counting on the H-backs and RBs having quite