Camp Report: Right Guard, Defensive Line, and the Running Game

Jerod Evans
Kyle Chung (61) could be the starter at right guard. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech plans to start their game prep for West Virginia tomorrow (Wednesday, August 23). At this point, most position battles are over. Once game prep begins, coaches don’t have the luxury of holding position battles. They have to pick the guys they feel have the best chance of getting into the game. That will mean fewer reps for some of the backups who have been competing for a spot in the two-deep.

That might not apply to wide receiver, though. Just about everybody in that group has had good days and bad days. It’s been so inconsistent that it’s very difficult for the coaches to find separation between individual players. Justin Fuente indicated on Monday on Tech Talk Live that there might be some “hiring and firing” going on at wideout. That means that they’ll give certain players the opportunity to play a big role, and if they fail, they might be replaced.

The Hokies have yet to release a depth chart, and they won’t until the Strategic Communications Department releases the Game Notes to the media next Monday. Until that happens, we’re simply guessing at certain spots. However, some information has come out about certain positions, and that’s what this week’s preseason camp report will revolve around.

Chung at Right Guard…For Now