Camp Report: Running Game Expected to Improve

Virginia Tech has been practicing since August 1, and the Hokies are just 17 days from their anticipated matchup with West Virginia in FedEx Field.

We’ve heard that the defense was dominant over the first couple of weeks, but that the offense has made major strides since the end of this past weekend.  Obviously naming Josh Jackson as the starting quarterback pared down the reps, but I imagine reps at other positions are being pared down as well.

Today we’re going to focus on two things — the possibility of an improved running game and the depth chart at wide receiver.

Jalen Holston (4) is an intriguing option at running back for Virginia Tech. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Hokies to Feature an Improved Running Game?

The most promising thing that I’ve heard during the month of August is that the coaching staff believes the running game has improved.  I speculated that was the case on Monday when Josh Jackson was named Tech’s starting quarterback.  Since then, I’ve heard even more things that make me believe that the traditional running game will be better.