The Mind of Mendenhall, Part 1

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Coach Mendenhall: “Ye shall attack the vilest Hokies upon entering this vale and with quarterbacks in treble. Fight onward until the scourge bends entire as the kecksie stalk doth before the gale.”

Coach Anae: “Verily, goodman Mendenhall! The hag-born varletry shall run in disordered defeat before our many-armed passing game. We shall debase their visage of the noble fowl to that of the lowly ruddock.”

Coach Beck: “But what of continuity at this most vital position, Master Mendenhall?”

Coach Mendenhall: “Silence! For your impudence, I shall rap your arm with this stick!”

Coach Beck: “Still, t’would be better than a ramming.”

Coach Mendenhall: “Whatever, whatever.”

“Bronco Mendenhall is a unique and somewhat mysterious human being. He’s legendarily introverted, extraordinarily principled and humble to a fault in a profession that often seems filled with relativistic, egomaniacal hucksters. It’s no surprise that Cougar fans have been trying to unpack and