The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: KJ Henry, Recruiting Up Front, and More

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1) What will it take to get a National Championship caliber offensive line and a National Championship caliber defensive line? To me, in order to win the National Championship, you need an OL that hold up against the type of DLs you would see from Alabama…and you need a DL that can get pressure against great OLs. Can VT ever recruit to that level…especially at OL? – VAHokie89

Chris Coleman: You bring up valid points.  I’m going to quickly address the defensive line first.  While the Hokies have had depth issues up front on defense quite a few times over the years, their starting group is usually very good, and sometimes their two-deep has been good enough to win a National Championship.  Our defensive lines in 1999, 2001, and 2004-07 were definitely good enough to win a National Championship.  I’d take every single one of those guys and do it all over again.

The offensive line is a whole different ball game.  First of all, I’m of the opinion that most offensive lines aren’t very good, at least not compared to what Virginia Tech fans were used to seeing throughout most of the 1990s.  There are very few offensive lines outside of the ones at Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, etc. that have impressed me in recent years.  It’s common to see teams outside that elite pack with a good group of receivers, or perhaps with very good linebacker play, but I don’t