Top Prospects List: Spring 2017

Picture via @ChesapeakeVArr
Devon Hunter

It has been a full year since GMSA Hokie and I updated our Top Prospects lists.  Normally we do it twice a year, but we skipped last August because there was so much unknown regarding Fuente’s system, how he uses players, what type of players he likes, etc.  Now that we’re 1.5 years into the Fuente era, we’ve got a better handle on things.

GMSA Hokie is going to start us off with his list…

GMSA Hokie

Before we get started with our Top Prospects article, I’d like to revisit the Top 10 list I did last spring (May, 2016) to see how things worked out with my predictions.  I think part of the fun of doing articles like this is to go back and see how well we did with our projections. 

My 10-6 was, in descending order: Khalil Ladler, Jarrod Hewitt, Carson Lydon, Dwayne Lawson and Divine Deablo.  I have mixed feelings about that list.  Obviously, Lydon and Lawson are no longer with the program so any potential they may have had at this time last year will go completely unfulfilled…at least in a Hokie uniform.  I am still pretty high on prospects like Hewitt, Ladler and Deablo despite that they haven’t demonstrated anything on the field yet.  And, even though Ladler and Deablo are all still eligible for this year’s list, there are other players whose upside I like more in the 2017 class.