Recruiting North Carolina, Part 1: The Greensboro Area

Today, Virginia Tech started a social media marketing campaign to recruit North Carolina. This is one of the graphics used. Perfect timing to borrow it for this series of articles! (via @HokiesFB Twitter)

We’ve made a point for the last few months to tell you that Virginia Tech is going to make a major push in the state of North Carolina in recruiting for not only the 2018 class, but in future classes as well.  The major recruiting areas of that state are actually closer to Blacksburg than the major recruiting areas of Virginia, and there is no “football school” in that state that can consistently keep recruits within North Carolina’s borders. 

There are several major areas of recruiting in the state of North Carolina, including the Greensboro area, Raleigh-Durham, Winston-Salem and Charlotte.  Southeastern North Carolina, around the Fayetteville area, could be considered a pretty major area as well.  The Hokies are recruiting all of those areas hard now, particularly Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham, Winston-Salem and Charlotte. 

Certainly Virginia Tech has not given up on in-state recruits.  But the fact is the coaching staff isn’t as high on the in-state talent level in the 2018 class, Virginia Tech isn’t received as well by in-state recruits as it used to be, and quite honestly in some particular cases there is too much junk that you have to deal with when you recruit particular 757 prospects these days.  Going out-of-state makes sense, with North Carolina being the obvious choice. 

Today is the first part of a series of articles that focuses on the major recruiting areas in the state of North Carolina.  Today’s focus is on the Greensboro/High Point/Guilford County areas, as well as areas just south of Guilford County and all the way east to Burlington.  Basically, we’ll be covering this area of the map…