The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Spring Practice, Baseball, and Buzz Williams

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1) How “useful” is this spring going to be with so many players out? – BlackwaterHokie

Chris Coleman: It is still going to be very useful. Obviously there are some issues at defensive end, but all the other positions are fine, so the Hokies should be able to get in plenty of good work over the next month.

At defensive end, three key cogs are out: Vinny Mihota (r-Jr.), Trevon Hill (r-So.) and Houshun Gaines (r-So.). Mihota and Hill were expected to start this year, while Gaines was going to play a big role in the two-deep. None of them will get reps this spring, however. Mihota and Hill are coming back from shoulder injuries, while Gaines is suspended so he can focus on academics. Hill is expected to practice some this spring, but I doubt he’ll do any contact work.

That leaves Emmanuel Belmar (r-Fr.) and Raymon Minor (r-Jr.) as the only listed defensive ends on the roster. Xavier Burke (r-So.) is listed as a “DL” while Jimmie Taylor (r-Fr.) is listed as a defensive tackle. That said, we anticipate Taylor getting work at defensive end this spring simply because there really aren’t any other options.

From the outside looking in, I think Jimmie Taylor has some work to do. The staff was originally planning on moving him inside despite the lack of depth at end, and that has me concerned. If the season started