The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: The NCAA Tournament, Chris Clarke, and More

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1) Potential good and bad matchups in rounds one and two of the NCAA Tournament? – HokieHutch

Chris Coleman: Right now, most people are projecting Virginia Tech in the 8-9 game. Here are a few examples from some of the better known brackets…

ESPN: 8-seed vs. 9-seed VCU in Buffalo (1- seed Villanova)
CBS: 7-seed vs. 10-seed Wichita State in Sacramento (2-seed UCLA)
USA Today: 9-seed vs. 8-seed Michigan State in Buffalo (1-seed Villanova)
SBNation: 9-seed vs. 8-seed Northwestern in Greenville (1-seed North Carolina)

I really don’t see Virginia Tech in UNC’s bracket (and I certainly hope they aren’t, even though Greenville would be the shortest trip). I could see the Hokies as high as a 7-seed or as low as a 10-seed, but I think the 8-9 game is just about right. It’s not ideal, but when you consider Tech’s overall body of work, it’s probably about what they deserve.

As far as potential first round matchups, I don’t get the chance to watch enough basketball to know who is a good matchup and who isn’t. Potential opponents include Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Arkansas, Michigan, VCU, Northwestern, Marquette, Seton Hall, Michigan State, Providence, Wichita State and a few others. I’ve seen Arkansas play a couple of times and was not impressed with their shot selection. I haven’t seen Providence, Wichita State, Marquette or VCU at all because of their TV contract.