Power 5 Offers: 2017 Defensive Class

Bud Foster
Bud Foster had a great year on the recruiting trail.

Though I wish the Hokies could have signed one more true cornerback on Signing Day, the 2017 defensive class was pretty much as complete as a class can get.  In fact, the numbers I’ll show you today bear that out.

Using Power 5 offers as our baseline, the 2017 defensive class is Tech’s most highly-recruited defensive class of the last six seasons, and I haven’t run the numbers back further than 2012.  Here’s how the numbers break down, sorted by average number of Power 5 offers (not sorted by year):

2017: Average of 10.4 Power 5 offers per player
2015: Average of 9.2 Power 5 offers per player
2014: Average of 7.7 Power 5 offers per player
2013: Average of 7.55 Power 5 offers per player
2012: Average of 6.9 Power 5 offers per player
2016: Average of 5.0 Power 5 offers per player

The 2015 class was boosted by the signing of Tim Settle, who was listed with 34 Power 5 offers by Rivals.  That’s more Power 5 offers than any other Tech signee in any class between 2012 and 2017.  But as we’ll show today, the 2017 class is extremely balanced, and the Hokies were able to land highly-touted players on all three levels of the defense.  On paper, this is a class that is going to help Tech win a lot of games in the future.