Turnovers Critical in Spring Quarterback Competition

Justin Fuente, <a href='/player/Josh-Jackson-4119/' srcset=
Josh Jackson
” width=”1500″ height=”1000″ /> Justin Fuente with Josh Jackson. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Justin Fuente was not planning on having a second quarterback competition in as many seasons.  He was fully expecting Jerod Evans to return for his senior season and pick up right where he left off.  That wasn’t the case however, as Evans bolted for the NFL.  Now Fuente must start the quarterback process all over again this spring, and none of his choices have any on-field experience in Division I football.

This is why Fuente gets paid the big bucks.  Virginia Tech picked up a lot of momentum with a 10-win season and what looks to be a very good recruiting class.  The Hokies need to keep it rolling and to do that, they need good production from the most important position on the field — quarterback.

When thinking about Virginia Tech’s quarterback competition this spring, remember that Fuente has said that he values three things: turnovers, managing the ups and downs of the game and predicted outcomes.  I’m not exactly sure how he calculates predicted outcomes, but the turnover part is easier to figure out.

Historically, Fuente’s quarterbacks have had better interception rates than Virginia Tech quarterbacks.  In fact, Evans finished with the best interception rate in the history of the Virginia Tech bowl stream (1993-present).