Monday Stew: Eagle for Dinner

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Welcome to the first edition of Monday Stew, which, if you hate the title, will be the last edition of Monday Stew, and we’ll call it something else next week.

I’m trying this title out for three reasons:

1.)  It’s a play on my name. Stew, get it? Although no one ever called me Stew growing up. Oddly enough, my 17-year-old’s friends call him Stew-ball. But no one ever called me Stew-anything.

2.)  It pays homage to the original Monday Thoughts title. When you change things, you should pay homage to the past.

3.)  My articles tend to be a mixture of things, which is what stew is: a lot of ingredients thrown together. My wife often makes something called Girl Scout Stew, and every time she makes it, I ask her if it’s made out of real Girl Scouts. That joke never gets old. Not to me, anyway.

Let’s make some stew.

The Return of Fan Boy

Saturday was a lot of fun, and not just for the obvious reasons. For me personally, it was the first game that I hadn’t sat in the press box since the 2011 season.

Virginia Tech cheerleader

That’s not entirely true … I did sit in the stands for the 2014 beatdown that Miami laid on the Hokies, 30-6 on Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, a game we had Jacob Emert write up for us from the pressbox. So this was the first Saturday home game that I had attended without sitting in the press box since watching the Hokies beat Boston College 30-14 on October 22, 2011 — a game I don’t recall at all.

Spoiler alert: I have missed going to games as a fan. Shocker, I know. But even before we finally got press access for the 2012 season, it has been “different” being me. The last game