Experienced Offensive Line Could Boost Virginia Tech’s Offense

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Vance Vice
Vance Vice is working to establish depth on the offensive line.

Every team out there has strengths and weaknesses.  Ultimately the most successful teams have more strengths, or are able to better mask their weaknesses.  The Hokies are no different.  The success of this season will ultimately come down to how well their strengths balance out their weaknesses.

Since practice begins next week, it’s about time to start talking about the 2016 Virginia Tech football team.  We’ll start previewing each position once practice opens and player interviews are allowed.  For now, we’re going to go a bit generic and examine issues on both sides of the ball that will determine whether or not Tech has a good season.

If any fanbase understands the importance of having a good offensive line, it’s Virginia Tech.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  If any fanbase understands how a bad offensive line can royally screw up an offense, it’s Virginia Tech. The Hokies have had some offenses in the past with talented skilled position players, but which lacked the offensive line to truly make the offense elite.  In some of those years the offensive line lacked coaching.  In others it lacked talent.  In a few it lacked both.

Fortunately the talent level of the offensive line has been built back up over the last several seasons.  There has been an emphasis on recruiting offensive linemen and successful