The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Running Backs, Out-of-State Recruiting, And More

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1) Can you elaborate more on the “dorm” issue that may be effecting recruiting? – Hokie Howie

Chris Coleman: I’m glad you asked. I’ve been wanting to address this for awhile, but I didn’t want to dedicate an entire article towards it because it comes off as sour grapes.

Message board poster tallahasseehokie has connections at Florida State. Here’s what he posted on the recruiting board recently‚Ķ

“I commented down the page about the FSU strategic plan for raising $250 million for their sporting programs and they are right on course. The athletes’ luxury apartments (not dorms) are now 2 years old. All athletes get to live there I believe. They also have excess rooms for non-athletes that give them some extra revenues to offset the capital expenses. The Boosters own the building and hire a management company to run it.”

The Florida State alumni base is a machine. They’ll blow that $250M goal out of the water and the ‘Noles will have the nicest facilities in the country, if they don’t already. See this link for examples.

As far as the “dorms”