Virginia Tech Approval Ratings Analysis: Babcock And Williams Lead The Pack

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Last week we ran approval ratings polls for the main administrators and coaches at Virginia Tech. Over 1,500 of our subscribers voted in each one of the polls. Today we’ll analyze the results, and we’ll compare the numbers to last year (if applicable).

For the most part, Virginia Tech fans approve of all the coaches/administrators in question, with the lone exception of Pat Mason and the baseball program.

Justin Fuente
Justin Fuente, with Whit Babcock and Tim Sands

Tim Sands, President

The voting for Virginia Tech President Tim Sands broke down like this in 2015…

Strongly Approve: 490 votes, 36%
Approve: 629 votes, 46%
I don’t know/no opinion: 135 votes, 10%
Neutral: 113 votes, 8%
Disapprove: 11 votes, 1%
Strongly Disapprove: 1 votes, 0%

Those were strong numbers. Over 80% of voters either approved or strongly approved of his job as president.

To be honest, I expected those numbers to drop a bit this year. Sands was still in his honeymoon period last summer. Most people get less popular the longer they stay in the same job as they get more exposure. However, the numbers show that didn’t happen to Sands.

Strongly Approve: 597 votes, 38%
Approve: 728 votes, 47%
I don’t know/No Opinion: 84 votes, 5%