Chris Coleman’s Top In-State Prospects


I’ll let you in on a little secret. Ranking recruits is very difficult. How do I decide who is the #6 prospect in the state vs. who is the #7 prospect in the state when they play different positions? Where do I rank a guy when I’m not even sure what position he’s going to play in college? From a Virginia Tech perspective, if I don’t think he’s a good fit for Tech’s scheme, or I’m unsure where he’ll play in Tech’s scheme, should I rank him lower than everybody else?

Other sites have the same issues, and at times there are varying opinions on prospects. For example, most sites love Jordan Williams as a defensive end. On the other hand, ranks him the #45 defensive tackle prospect in the country and a three-star recruit. I realize that a lot of you think is weak on football recruiting (to put it nicely), but I’m not so sure I don’t agree with them in this case (more on Jordan Williams later).

I could go through every scouting/recruiting service and nitpick their rankings. While I might agree with Scout on their Jordan Williams ranking, I also think they have TyJuan Garbutt and Yetur Matos too low. I think Rivals overrates Jermani Brown and underrates Rayshard Ashby. I could go on and on, and in the end my opinions don’t matter anymore than theirs, and vice versa.