Virginia Tech Needs To Play Better In Neutral Site Games

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If you still need tickets to the Battle at Bristol against Tennessee, then you better start checking the secondary markets. Apparently the game has sold out. In fact, according to that article, the game is so popular among Tennessee fans than some have actually camped out at the speedway to get tickets.

Tennessee sold their allotment of 40,000 tickets almost immediately. Virginia Tech did not. In fact, Tech didn’t sell their allotment until they put them on sale to the general public. The general public, most likely, includes a fairly large number of Tennessee fans. Get ready to be outnumbered in Bristol, possibly by a margin of 2-1 or more.

Volunteer fans are very excited about their program right now. They almost always are, but with the way their recruiting has gone the last few years, and with many media outlets predicting the Vols to win the SEC East in 2016, I sense extra excitement from Tennessee fans about the coming season. Tech fans on the other hand are in wait-and-see mode. The mood of both fan bases is going to be reflected in the stands of the Bristol Motor Speedway.

What a shame it is that this game didn’t immediately get scheduled when it was first talked about back in the 1990s. Had this game been played 10-15 years ago when Hokie fans were at their peak of excitement, Tennessee fans would be in for a battle on September 10. While there’s certainly a large portion of the Hokie fan base that is excited about this game, Tech fans aren’t talking