The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Satellite Camps

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1) With the ban on satellite camps lifted, name 3 or 4 locations that Tech should go to further establish their presence and to create a new presence. – Hokie1110

Chris Coleman: In case you missed it, the NCAA lifted its ban on satellite camps yesterday, and conversely the ACC also decided to lift its own ban.  There was no reason for the ACC to continue to hamstring their own schools when other conferences allow these satellite camps.  Virginia Tech will now be able to host camps in the state of Virginia, or anywhere out-of-state within 50 miles of the Tech campus.  The 50-mile radius is a matter of semantics.  If an out-of-state program was technically the host of the camp, they could invite the Tech staff to be a part of it, and it would be perfectly legal.  The 50-mile radius would not apply.

Bobby Wilder will extend an invitation to Virginia Tech (and UVA) to hold camps at ODU.  Michigan, Penn State and Maryland are already holding camps there in June.  However, since the Hokies don’t need ODU to be the official host of the camp (since the 757 is in-state), I could see Justin Fuente and his staff electing to put together their own private camp in the 757.  That would make the brand more Virginia Tech-specific, rather than