Virginia Tech Is Casting A Wider Net On The Recruiting Trail

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Justin Fuente
Justin Fuente

Virginia Tech has unleashed a fury of scholarship offers within the last few weeks.  So many in fact that it made me wonder if the Hokies are offering more prospects than usual.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what they’ve done.  Using the Rivals database as a tool, I looked up Virginia Tech’s scholarship offers since 2011, and it doesn’t take a math major to notice the difference.

2017: 147 (and counting)
2016: 189 (old staff and new staff)
2015: 126
2014: 110
2013: 62
2012: 92
2011: 57

Those are some pretty telling numbers, aren’t they?

Remember, there’s no way to know whether or not the Rivals database is 100% accurate.  Perhaps earlier lists aren’t quite as up to date as the lists of the last few years.  Still, even if Tech offered 20 more guys in 2011 than the Rivals database accounts for, it was still a lot fewer offers than have gone out the last couple of years.

One of the favorite phrases through the years of those who hang out on the recruiting board has been “The coaching staff needs to cast a wider net.”  Well, consider that net cast.  Since the 2014 class, Virginia Tech’s offer numbers have increased dramatically.  The Hokies offered over three times as many players in