Swatting the Yellow Jackets

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As much as I love the win, that was a tough game to watch. Fortunately, ugly games against Georgia Tech come with a built-in remedy: StinGTalk.com. I’ve never come across a forum that’s so spectacularly entertaining when in full meltdown.


GT fans are a bit like UVA’s in that they have the same delightful combination of arrogance and inferiority complex. Unlike UVA, they have a storied history in football, though this history is tempered by a sort of fatalism that leads them to think nothing but dark days punctuated by teasing glimmers lie ahead.


And when they go to sleep at night, they check under the bed for Bud Foster.

So while I answer some questions from the Subscriber Board, I’ll also share some insights from our counterparts in urban Peachland, and give you a taste of the tears of unfathomable Yellow Jacket sadness.

What Happened on Defense?