TSL Roundtable: Whit Babcock’s Decision

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Whit Babcock
Whit Babcock has a big decision ahead of him.

If you were Whit Babcock, what criteria would you use when selecting the next coach?

Hokie CPA: I’ll start by saying I do not envy Whit Babcock in the slightest for the task set before him. This is easily the most important decision he will make. If it were up to me, I’d have to consider the coach’s 1) recruiting prowess, 2) his reputation for running a clean ethical program, 3) how well he can sell (or whether he even chooses to pitch) the idea of family to players, donors, and the general public, 4) his experience as a head coach, and 5) whether he’s a proven winner.

In the Internet Age recruiting has become a 24/7/365 activity. The coach needs to be able to Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook with the younger crowd, or at least properly delegate these responsibilities to someone who can and will keep in constant contact through any means the NCAA permits. Recruits have to know and feel that Virginia Tech wants them to be a part of Hokie Nation and that we would be excited to have them. The idea needs to be constantly drummed into their psyche and kept at the forefront of their thoughts.

When the time comes for official visits, the coach needs to be welcoming and open to honest conversation. This is also where the idea of FAMILY comes into play. Your teammates are your brothers and we’re going to be counting on each other week after week to make each other better, to support each other, and to lift each other up. The assistants will carry the bulk of the water, but the coach has to be the closer. He has to be personable and trustworthy. The recruit has