Analyzing Scholarship Offers, Part 1

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Wyatt Teller, Isaiah Ford and Trey Edmunds
Wyatt Teller, Isaiah Ford and Trey Edmunds

When writing articles over the last year, I’ve found myself typing “he had no other scholarship offers” quite a bit when talking about some of Virginia Tech’s players. I decided to do some research and determine exactly how many players on the roster had no other Power 5 offers. As usual, I took it further than I intended.

I ended up researching all the scholarship offers for the currents rosters at Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Clemson. Virginia Tech’s numbers looked pretty bad when I saw them, but before I could criticize, I had to see how they compared to their competition. I chose UNC because the Hokies recruit against them a lot, and because I believe the Tar Heels are the most talented team in the Coastal Division. I chose Clemson because they are the class of the Atlantic Division and the likely ACC Champions. In the end, the ACC Championship is the goal, which means we should strive to be more like Clemson in talent level, right?

I used the Rivals database, and for you science guys, let me warn you in advance that this study is not precise. We have no way of knowing whether or not the Rivals database provides a complete and accurate listing of scholarship offers, and in some cases we don’t know whether or not an offer was a committable offer or not, or frankly, if the recruit was making things up when he reported his offers. Also, the