TSL Roundtable: What To Expect from the Offense With Brewer’s Return

Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer

What do you expect to see differently from the Tech offense now that Michael Brewer has returned?

Upwind of uva: This is a tough question to answer for a few reasons. Because Brewer was new to the program in 2014, I don’t think Loeffler could run the offense he wanted last year. Then Brewer gets injured in the first game of the 2015 season. We’ve had so little time to watch Brewer and see how Lefty would use him this year, my answer is going to be based largely on the guys around Brewer along with some assumptions about what Brewer does well.

Travon McMillian has certainly emerged as a feature back, though it appears the coaches prefer to bring him along slowly. But from this point forward I suspect Lefty will lean on him. Isaiah Ford is certainly a receiver that defenses have to account for, and Cam Phillips is dependable. McMillian and Sam Rogers are good out of the backfield, though Malleck and Hodges haven’t put up the huge numbers they are capable of in the passing game. I don’t have the qualifications necessary to judge the line, but they appear to be better at run blocking than pass blocking. Depth is lacking nearly across the board.

So Brewer returns with some rust and a newly-found running game to lean on. Having some film on McMillian, I suspect opponents are increasingly going to gear their prep towards stopping the run, and especially taking away McMillian’s apparent preference for getting outside the tackles for big chunks of yards. Defenses will force Brewer to beat them. The other influence that I think exists is one that some readers may not like: Lefty is auditioning for his next gig. So I suspect he’s going to want to prove a point that, had he had Brewer all year this offense would have shown significant improvement. Given what I think defenses are going to focus on, that opens up opportunities in the passing game.