Virginia Tech Flashes an Improved Running Game

On September 6, 2008, Virginia Tech beat Furman 24-3 in one of the most boring games I’ve ever witnessed in Lane Stadium.  The Hokies did not score until 29 seconds left in the second quarter, and Tyrod Taylor and Sean Glennon combined for a whopping 68 passing yards.  With freshman receivers and a bad offensive line, Tech’s offense revolved around the true sophomore Taylor basically running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Games like that are why there are empty seats in Lane Stadium these days.  We could be really hard to watch at times, and some people decided that they weren’t coming anymore.

Yesterday’s win was a 42-3 blowout of an FCS team, but it was a much better performance than Tech has turned in against some Furman-like teams in the past.  If the Hokies can continue to show signs of life on offense, then some of those empty seats will be filled again.  Though it started slow, yesterday’s game was a heck of a lot more entertaining than the 2008 version.

Trey Edmunds
Holes like this have been more common in 2015.

A Seemingly Improved Running Game