TSL Roundtable: The Quarterbacks

Brenden Motley
Brenden Motley

What do you expect from Tech’s quarterbacks with Michael Brewer out, and what do you WANT to see?

Hokie CPA: There is no doubt the loss of Michael Brewer for the next two months or so is huge.  I expect to see a pretty significant drop in our passing proficiency.  However, Brendan Motley has been in Blacksburg for three years.  He’s been an understudy to Logan Thomas and Michael Brewer.  He’s learned the offensive playbook and he should know how to read the defense at this point.  He hasn’t got the game experience, so it’s going to be awfully fast for him and we can only hope it slows down before things get a chance to get ugly.  Even so, Scot Loeffler is not going to be asking Motley to win football games with his arm.  He will only need to be serviceable.  He’ll need to complete enough passes to keep defenses honest so we can run the football.

In addition to Motley, I expect the coaches will want to get Durkin, or more likely Lawson, some game experience as well.  Regardless of his injury, this is Michael Brewer’s last season in Blacksburg and we’ll need a quarterback next year.  If Lawson is going to be that guy, he needs game experience.  If the coaches really had no intention on redshirting him, then get him in the game against Furman.  Get him in the game against Purdue.  Get him in the game against East Carolina.  If he’s as good as advertised, he’ll be a solid backup to Michael Brewer after his return and he’ll be our #1 in spring ball next March.

That’s what I expect.  What I want to see is all three quarterbacks getting some experience.  I want to see no more injuries.  I want to see very few (ideally no) turnovers.  I want to see Motley answer the call, and I want to see what Lawson is bringing to the table.  Unfortunately, I feel like Durkin is going to be short-changed in all this, but he’s had the same opportunities to show what he can do and the coaches obviously feel there are better options available.  Now it is time to see and evaluate those options.