The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: August 14, 2015

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1) What are the general reasons that a backer couldn’t play mike? Or that the linebacker positions can’t be interchangeable … kinda like the secondary? Our backup Mike is 207 lbs. All 5 guys at backer are listed bigger than that, several substantially bigger. I’m curious as to why McKinnon, Moss, Minor or Edmunds are not suitable to slide inside and play Mike? Clearly size isn’t what it’s all about… so what exactly can’t these guys do? – GusDaMan

Chris Coleman: From Raleigh Hokie’s series of articles on the Tech defense…

Mike: The “Mike” is an inside linebacker in Tech’s system. This is a key run support position and it requires a strong, physical player that can operate well between the tackles. The Mike also has key pass coverage responsibilities, especially in 2-deep zones where the Mike has to take a deep drop.

Backer: The “Backer” is a combination inside / outside linebacker in Tech’s system. This is key run / pass position and it requires a player that is physical enough to play inside the tackles against the running game and athletic enough to match up against wide receivers and running backs in the passing game.

Examples of past mikes: George Del Ricco, Michael Hawkes, Jake Houseright, Vince Hall, Brett Warren, Jack Tyler, Bruce Taylor