Biggest Questions for 2015, #5: Offensive Line Depth

Stacy Searels
Stacy Searels

We talk about this every single year, but offensive line depth is critical to Virginia Tech’s success in 2015. The only scenario in which depth up front isn’t critical is if none of the starters get hurt. As we’ve seen in the past, that doesn’t happen very often.

Anybody who saw Virginia Tech’s starting offensive line play back in the spring will tell you that those top five guys appear to have greatly improved. They annihilated VT’s backup defense, and actually held their own with the starting defense as well. They look like a much improved unit, led by left guard Wyatt Teller.

Center Eric Gallo is a critical piece to the line. A former VT lineman sitting next to Will and me at a spring scrimmage told us that he thought Gallo was Tech’s second best lineman (besides Teller) that day. Gallo will be in the middle of this group of starters…

LT Jonathan McLaughlin: 6-5, 310, Jr.
LG Wyatt Teller: 6-6, 295, r-So.
C Eric Gallo: 6-2, 293, So.
RG Augie Conte: 6-6, 297, r-Jr.
RT Wade Hansen: 6-5, 300, r-Sr.