Fewer True Freshmen Expected to Play in 2015


The Second Summer Session starts this week, which means the vast majority of Virginia Tech’s 2015 recruiting class has now enrolled. Those players will get to take college classes before the fall semester begins, and they’ll get a month with Mike Gentry before practice starts in August.

Today’s article is simply my initial opinion of the status of each player, based on what I know about them from the recruiting process (plus spring practice, if they were enrolled that early). I’ll update these statuses throughout the month of August, once practice begins and we get a chance to observe open scrimmages.

I’ve decided to assign a certain status level to each recruit to determine how likely it is that they play as true freshmen: very likely, likely, possible, unlikely, and very unlikely. Right now, no true freshman has been eliminated from playing this year, though obviously some have much greater chances to play than others.