Johnny Hamilton Helps Bolster Virginia Tech’s Frontcourt Depth

Johnny Hamilton (Jacksonville Progress)

Buzz Williams improved his frontcourt situation last night with the signing of 7-foot center Johnny Hamilton. Exactly what will Hamilton bring to the table? Even though he’s a 7-footer like Satchel Pierce, they have completely different skillsets.

At 255, Pierce is bigger than Hamilton, who is listed by most sites at 215. Pierce also has a better back-to-the-basket game. He’s got low post moves that Hamilton doesn’t possess, though he’s got to work on his hands because those low post moves won’t matter if he can’t catch the basketball. However, Pierce is a below average athlete whose feet aren’t very quick. He doesn’t have a very good vertical, and he doesn’t get off the floor quickly.

Hamilton is the polar opposite of Pierce. He is a very good athlete who can jump well. He gets off the floor quickly, and he’ll be able to run the court extremely well for a guy his size. He is a terrific shot blocker, and he’s expected to be better than Pierce on the boards as well.

In 2014-15, Hamilton averaged 9 points, 8.9 rebounds and 4.31 blocks per game over 26 contests. He blocked eight shots in a game on two occasions, and he never had fewer than two blocks in a game. He has a very limited offensive game, with most of his points coming on dunks and short putbacks after offensive rebounds.