Several players vying for playing time at WR

Zohn Burden
Zohn Burden

Virginia Tech took to the practice field for the first time in 2015 on Tuesday afternoon. It’s a big spring for the Hokies as they look to take a big step forward on offense and compete for the Coastal Division championship.

After the first practice each year, we generally get bombarded with questions such as “how did so and so look?” or “what did you think of the running backs?” We give the same answer each year: it’s hard to tell at this point because they aren’t in pads. If you’re a D-1 college football player, you are supposed to look reasonably imposing in shorts and a t-shirt. However, you don’t play real football in shorts and a t-shirt. The men won’t start getting separated from the boys until the pads go on.

During the first practice of the year, I always spend quite a bit of my time watching the wide receivers. When players aren’t in pads, it’s easier to evaluate wideouts and defensive backs more than any other position. Especially wideouts, I think. You can watch little things such as route running, their technique in catching the football, etc.

Therefore, that’s what we’ll talk about today – Zohn Burden and his group of wide receivers.