Hokie Hoops: The Personnel (Part 3)

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Today we’ll focus more on Tech’s returning personnel in basketball. How will the minutes work out? Who will play what position?

Those questions are really impossible to answer until we know who the Hokies sign this spring. Still, it’s worth taking an early look at all of the players who are eligible to return, their prospective positions, and their prospective roles. Let’s break it down this way…

Guys who can run the point: Seth Allen, Devin Wilson, Justin Robinson, Jalen Hudson, Adam Smith

Guys who can play 2-guard: Jalen Hudson, Justin Bibbs, Ahmed Hill, Adam Smith, Malik Mueller, Seth Allen

Guys who can play 3-forward: Jalen Hudson, Justin Bibbs, Ahmed Hill, Malik Mueller, Chris Clarke

Guys who can play 4-forward: Shane Henry, Zach LeDay, Kerry Blackshear, Chris Clarke

Guys who can play center: Satchel Pierce, Kerry Blackshear (barely)

To recap, here’s each position by numbers…

Point: 5
2-guard: 7
3-forward: 5
4-forward: 4
Center: 2 (1 is probably more accurate, but I’ve decided to be nice)

If it seems to you that Virginia Tech has entirely too many wings and not enough bigs on the roster, then you are correct.

Shane Henry