Christian Beyer, and looking ahead to future seasons

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2014.12.14. Alabama A&M at VT

A case for Christian Beyer

“I pride myself on rebounding,” Christian Beyer told the media after his 13-point, nine rebound effort against Alabama A&M.

I’ve always thought that Beyer was our best overall rebounder in recent years, and the numbers come close to backing that up, as we’ll see later. First, let’s take a look at the rebounding numbers of the 2014-15 Hokies.

Offensive Rebound %: 26.8%, #232 nationally
Defensive Rebound %: 63.8%, #313 nationally
Total Rebound %: 47.3%, #258 nationally

It’s hard to believe that there are nearly 100 teams that are worse than Tech in rebounding. Yesterday, Alabama A&M missed 34 field goal attempts, yet the Hokies only had 16 defensive rebounds. Let that one sink in.

To me, Christian Beyer is the best rebounder on Tech’s team. He’s played enough in his career that I don’t consider his numbers to be a small sample size. Here are those numbers, compared to Joey van Zegeren, as well as some of Tech’s most recent bigs.

Trevor Thompson: 486 minutes, 140 rebounds, 3.47 minutes per rebound
Jeff Allen: 3927 minutes, 1111 rebounds, 3.54 minutes per rebound
Christian Beyer: 518 minutes, 137 rebounds, 3.78 minutes per rebound
Joey van