Strategy Session: Closing Out 2015

DE Fullwood is a good get at a position of need for Tech in 2015
DE Fullwood is a good get at a position of need for Tech in 2015

The “Strategy Session” is back with a big picture look at Virginia Tech football recruiting. The focus of this feature is on the class of 2015, in which the Hokies have secured verbal commitment from 17 prospects. The position breakdown is as follows…

RB – 1 (Deshawn McClease)
WR/RB – 1 (Coleman Fox)
WR/TE – 1 (Chris Cunningham)
OL – 3 (Mike Arnold, Austin Clark, DAndre Plantin)
DT – 2 (Harry Lewis, Eric Whitehead)
DE – 2 (Darius Fullwood, Trevon Hill)
LB/DE – 1 (Damien Dozier)
LB – 2 (Tremaine Edmunds, Carson Lydon)
CB – 2 (DuWayne Johnson, Mook Reynolds)
S – 2 (Adonis Alexander, Jahque Alleyne)

In addition to those high school senior commits listed above, Virginia Tech will have two class of 2014 holdovers in the fold in January of 2015. They are offensive lineman Tyrell Smith and tight end/defensive lineman Xavier Burke. Smith has gained admission to Virginia Tech and will enroll in January of 2015. Burke tweeted on November 23 that he has gained the test score he needed, so he will be at Tech in January as well.

At least two high school senior commits – Austin Clark and Carson Lydon – plan on enrolling at Tech in January of 2015 as well. As of last check, both players were on track to be in Blacksburg in two months. OLB/DE Damien Dozier hoped to enroll in January as well, but I’ll check on his status.

So how many more players can Virginia Tech take in this year’s class? Only the coaches know for sure. The current scholarship projection for the 2015 season is 94. This includes all of the recruits and postgrads mentioned above, as well as a few others currently not on scholarship. An FBS program is allowed only 85 scholarship players in a given season. An FBS school is allowed to enroll 25 players in a given class, but, if the two postgraduates along with Clark and Lydon enroll this coming January, there would be more flexibility in terms of how many players the staff could sign in February and enroll next summer. If they enroll in January, Burke, Clark, Lydon, and Smith would not have to count towards the class of 2015.

Whether it is fifth year seniors not invited back or younger players leaving, attrition will happen. Given the numbers situation, it has to. In the end, the staff will likely end up taking 6-10 more prospects in this class.


By position, the scholarship breakdown for the 2015 season is as follows…

QB – 4 (1 SR, 1 JR, 2 RS FR)
RB – 10 (1 SR, 4 JR, 2 SOPH, 2 RS FR, 1 FR)
WR – 11 (1 SR, 3 JR, 4 SOPH, 2 RS FR, 1 FR)