TSL Roundtable: Favorite Thursday night memories

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What is your favorite Thursday night memory?

Hokie CPA: I’m going all the way back to the first Thursday night.  Well, I THINK it was the first Thursday night.  I always remember it as such, whether it were or not.  Not only was ESPN in town for a national broadcast against West Virginia, we were the only game on that night.  We were the 14th ranked team in the nation, and it was my friend’s 21st birthday.  Not only that, his mom made the trip down from New York and was doing keg stands on his balcony in Foxridge before the game, but that’s another story.

Blacksburg went frickin’ NUTS for this game… and so did our Hokies!  Dwayne Thomas and Ken Oxendine combined for over 150 yards, Maurice DeShazo threw for 185 yards and two touchdowns, and the defense held the Errs to 2 yards per carry.  We stomped ’em 34-6 and at some point my friend, not wanting to be outdone by Hokiebird, asked us to pick him up and pass him up the stands.   The frat boys three rows back promptly dropped him on his head, but it was a memorable game for the rest of us!

Nova Hokie 95: There have been plenty of memories made on Thursday nights – Corey Moore’s terror dome, the outright demolition of Maryland, the cup wars of WVU. But one sticks out for me still – the 2003 “Hurricane game” against Texas A&M.

Taking place on September 23, 2003, the remnants of Hurricane Isabel sat down on Blacksburg that night, leading to a downpour during pretty much the entire game. Wind and rain pelted the face, but the stands were still absolutely packed. Heck, many people didn’t have power back home – the northern Virginia and Virginia Beach areas were particularly hard hit with outages. But they generated something fierce in Blacksburg.

This was in the midst of a three-year stretch that was a bit of a lull between our Michael Vick years and our entry into the ACC. Sure, we won 10 games during one of those years, but the previous season ended in the Diamond Walnut Bowl in a baseball stadium that started one year and ended in another (at least for those on the East Coast).

But malaise? Not back then. 65,115