Another ugly loss in Pittsburgh

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I’m struggling with how I want to look at this football game.  On the one hand, Tech played a sloppy, ugly football game and lost, so I’m very upset.  On the other hand, it turned out exactly as I thought it would, and from that standpoint it’s tough to get mad about something you expected to happen.

Here is one of my closing paragraphs from the game preview…

“No matter who wins, I think this game is going to be pretty ugly. When we look back in the 2014 season, good or bad, my guess is that we’ll be able to say that the Pitt game was the ugliest of the year. I don’t expect a pretty football game on Thursday night. Pitt can’t throw it, Tech can’t run it, both teams commit penalties, neither team hits big plays, the Hokies are banged up, etc. It doesn’t sound as if it’s going to be very entertaining, unless of course you have a rooting interest as we all do.”

And then the final prediction…

“Chris’ Prediction: Pitt 20, Virginia Tech 17”

Everybody goes into a game with a certain vision of how they think things are going to play out, and unfortunately my vision of the Pitt game was exactly how things went on the field.  If we play an uglier football game this year, I don’t think I want to see it.  Thursday night’s game was one of those where you just want to throw away the film.  Bury it next to Jimmy Hoffa’s body, along with the Temple game in 1998, the James Madison game in 2010, or whatever other ugly game the Hokies have lost in the past that you’d like to forget about.

I freely admit that I haven’t gone back and watched the film, or any of the “highlights.”  I don’t want to.  Nor do I really need to.  Coaches will call losses like that a learning experience, and say that the team can learn a lot from going back and watching the film.  I’m really not sure that’s the case in this one.  Not for me at least.

Comparing preseason expectations to the results we’ve seen

Everybody has a different set of preseason expectations, depending on how they view the team.  I picked the Hokies to lose to Ohio State, UNC and Pitt and to go 9-3 overall, with a 6-2 mark in ACC play.  From that standpoint, they are exactly where I thought they would be right now: 4-3 overall, and 1-2 in the ACC.  I thought things would start slow, but as the the new starters on defense grew up and the young players on offense gained more