Friday Q&A: October 10, 2014


1: What are you hearing about basketball? Anybody sticking out?

Chris Coleman: Buzz Williams’ famous “boot camp” is over, and now the team will begin their actual practices today (Friday, October 10). Boot camp really didn’t have much to do with basketball. It’s all about conditioning the mind and the body, and bringing the group closer together.

I haven’t heard anything about individual players. I get the feeling that information is going to be locked down a bit more than it was in the past. I did talk to someone (who knows basketball very well) who got to see an open scrimmage last month, and he said it’s going to be a very long season for the Hokies. And quite honestly, we shouldn’t expect anything else. If you glance around the roster, it’s filled with freshmen, walk-ons or former walk-ons, and other players who helped the Hokies finish dead last in the ACC for the last three years. As the guy who observed the open gym told me, if Buzz can win with this group, he can win with anybody.