Freshmen report, and various other topics

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Freshman Heights and Weights

Virginia Tech’s freshman class has enrolled for the second summer session, and their heights and weights were recorded on yesterday. Heights and weights of the true freshmen who enrolled in January have not been updated. Let’s take a position by position look at the heights and weights of all true freshmen:



Andrew Ford: 6-3, 195
Chris Durkin: 6-4, 235

Durkin enrolled as big as advertised. Physically, he is ready to play. However, thanks to the offense Andrew Ford played in while in high school, as well as his early enrollment, he is well ahead from a mental standpoint. This should be an interesting battle down the line.


Travon McMillian: 6-0, 199

I don’t think McMillian has much of a shot to stick at quarterback, unless he shows quickly that he is a better future option than Chris Durkin. I think we’ll see him on defense sooner rather than later.


Marshawn Williams: 5-11, 224
Shai McKenzie: 5-10, 212
DJ Reid: 6-0, 229

Now this is my type of running back! I want to pound people with big, physical running backs. Marshawn Williams already has the look of a good back, and hopefully at least one of those other two guys will impress as well.


Cam Phillips: 6-0, 185
Kendrick Holland: