The VT Hoops Draft: Round 1

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We came up with this idea thanks to a Virginia Tech fan on Twitter.  Justin Clark (@JustinClarkVT) tweeted this idea a few weeks back, and we decided to pick up on it.

We thought we would expand on his idea a bit by doing a full-fledged draft.  Since the idea is originally Justin’s, we included him and gave him the #1 overall pick.  Niemo, of, seemed like a guy to include as well.  Chris Coleman and Will Stewart round out the four-team draft.

What are the rules?  Every player is worth the amount designated in Justin’s tweet above.  Anyone not on that list who finished his career at Virginia Tech is also eligible to be drafted for $1.  Later on, we’ll do a special sixth round where everyone gets to draft a player who did not finish his career at Tech (we can probably make an entire all-star team from that list…sigh).

This is a snake draft, which means whoever has the #1 pick in the first round has the last pick in the second round, and so on.  It works like this…

R1, P1: Justin Clark
R1, P2: Niemo
R1, P3: Chris Coleman
R1, P4: Will Stewart
R2, P1: Will Stewart
R2, P2: Chris Coleman
R2, P3: Niemo
R2, P4: Justin Clark

Etc, etc.

Also, each “coach” is allowed to draft a player and slot him at any position.  For example, Malcolm Delaney can play point guard or shooting guard.  Deron Washington can play small forward or power forward.  Heck, Alvaro Tor can be drafted and start at point guard.  It doesn’t matter, as long as the team spending is no greater than $15.

At the end of the six rounds, we’ll do a poll and you can vote on which team you like best.  And now, here we go with round one…

First Pick, First Round – Justin Clark

SG – Dell Curry, $5