Looking back with: Sean Glennon (Pt 3 of 3)

As with Parts 1 and 2 of this “looking back” feature with Sean Glennon, most of what is written here are his words, from a 90-minute interview. Points of clarification or narrative from us are in italics.

After a rocky start to his redshirt junior season that saw him benched and replaced by true freshman Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon finished 2007 strong, starting the last seven games and earning MVP honors in the ACC Championship Game.

Glennon had his degree and an NFL Draft rating of 5th or 6th round, and he had the option to leave for the NFL. He consulted with the Tech coaches, and according to Glennon, they told him that their plan for 2008 was to start Glennon and mix in Tyrod as a change of pace (as they had done for much of the second half of the 2007 season). Based on that information, Glennon decided to return for his senior season.

Tyrod and I competed all spring and summer, and I kind of figured that they were going to go with both of us. I got called into a meeting room the week before the season starts, and they told me they were going to redshirt Tyrod. So obviously I was tickled to bits. I could finish my senior year the way I wanted to, to be the guy.

The 17th-ranked Hokies opened with a shocking 27-22 loss to ECU. Glennon was 14-of-23 for 139 yards, 2 INTs and no touchdowns. He threw an interception at the ECU 9 yard line on his first attempt of the game, and failed to lead the team to a first down on their last possession, after they fell behind for the first time all game on a blocked punt return by the Pirates.

Glennon makes adjustments at the line during the 2008 ECU game.
Glennon makes adjustments at the line during the 2008 ECU game.

Obviously I didn’t play great in that ECU game and they took the redshirt off Tyrod. It was disappointing. I’m not here to complain or whine, but you have this mindset a week ago that you’re the guy for the rest of the season, and after one game … and I admit that I didn’t play well in that game, I didn’t play bad, but I threw a costly pick. And then we had that freak punt block at the end of the game, and we probably win the game if we get that punt off.

It was an unfortunate loss. A devastating loss. To get the meeting room call again on Monday and to be told that they are taking Tyrod’s redshirt off … déjà vu. It was tough. It was tough mentally to take it again. Especially after literally one week ago I was told the opposite. It was tough. I’m not gonna lie. I handled it a lot better (in front of the media) publically.

Just like I told you before that it was killing me inside … it was killing me inside again. In the Furman game [a 24-7 win in which the Tech offense struggled] we split time, and then the next 3-4 games we weren’t even splitting time. There was like a five game stretch [GT, UNC, Nebraska, W. Kentucky, BC] where I barely saw the field. It was crushing … again.

Against Florida State in the eighth game of the season, Tyrod Taylor, now firmly entrenched as the starter, was knocked on out Tech’s first play, and Glennon came in and played well before being injured himself.

And then Florida State happened. I felt like Florida State was my Duke game all over again. I was playing great. I was throwing the ball really well. We were coming back against Florida State, and I thought “This could happen again, I’m going to play really well and Tyrod’s going to be out for a little while and maybe it will happen all over again.”

Glennon started against Maryland (a home win) and Miami (a road loss) before Tyrod returned as the starter against Duke. Tyrod had four turnovers, and the coaches replaced him with Glennon. Tech narrowly won, 14-3 at home.