Coaching search “buzz”

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Before we get too deep into this short update, I want you to read Whit Babcock’s words from Monday’s press conference and take them to heart…

“I would caution our fan base, however, not to put too much merit in “leaks” or sources. I’ve done this enough to know, and I want to warn them or at least let them know, any time you have a leak, it’s done with a  motive. Sometimes it’s a blogger or reporter throwing names up on the wall to see what sticks, and I guess the motive will be entertainment, or seeing if they get lucky on that.

Other times, I’ve seen agents on purpose who will leak the name of their candidate, and associate it with your job for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re trying to leverage us here, and a lot of other times they’re simply trying to leverage the school their coach is currently at, or they’re also trying to leverage a school that is also open in the marketplace. So leaks always have a motive.

I’ve also seen — but we will not do this — schools that leak candidate names on their own, to put leverage on the candidate, or to put out a litmus test with the media to get a gauge on their candidates. That’s not going to happen here, but it does happen in the industry.

Additionally, just because it’s stated, true or not, that I contacted a certain coach or gave an AD a courtesy call about his or her coach, it does not necessarily mean that that coach is the top candidate.”

Just because you read a candidate’s name on Twitter, message boards, or even in a TSL article does not mean he is the top candidate.  It doesn’t even mean he is a candidate at all.  It doesn’t mean Virginia Tech has any interest in him whatsoever.  Likewise, it doesn’t mean he is interested in Virginia Tech.

Earlier this week, I offered up some names that we might hear about during Virginia Tech’s coaching search.  They were: Donnie Tyndall, Michael White, Bruce Pearl, Tommy Amaker, Mike Lonergan, Russell Turner, Danny Manning and Buzz Williams.  We’ve heard some of those names mentioned this week.  We’ve also heard some somewhat unexpected names.

Before we move into the list of names, keep in mind that this list is dynamic.  It could change every day.  Between now and the day Virginia Tech hires a coach, some of these names will disappear, and some new names will be added.  In the end, Tech’s next coach might not come from the list below.  Remember…heed Whit Babcock’s words.