TSL Roundtable: Expectations of Whit Babcock

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New Virginia Tech AD Whit Babcock talks to the media as Charles Steger looks on.
New Virginia Tech AD Whit Babcock talks to the media as Charles Steger looks on.

What are your expectations of Whit Babcock?

Hokie CPA: From what I can tell, we have a tech savvy AD now in Whit Babcock. He tweets. He emails. He keeps his finger on the pulse. Given that, I expect Mr. Babcock will do anything in his power to see that the proper upgrades are made to the VTTO, allowing tickets to be distributed more efficiently. Perhaps even electronically, making it simpler for basketball season ticket holders to have their unused tickets redistributed? I don’t know whether it is in his purview, but anything he could do to make the Hokie Club more efficient and accessible would be appreciated. It appears that the HC is TERRIBLE about communicating with members and potential members. That has got to change if they expect to increase donations like we will need them to.

I think attainable goals need to be set in the AD’s office. Goals like… fundraising will be $x this year, $y next year, and $z the year after that. Total AD revenues need to be over $100 million in, say, three years. Or five… something we can reach, and then we need to reach it.

I would personally like to see an easing up on the rules against Stick It In and Na-Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye, for example, although my understanding is those rules came down from on high and Jim Weaver had to fall on the sword. His heart wasn’t totally in those bans. So, we’ll see.

I expect Mr. Babcock to execute