Friday Q&A: January 10, 2014


1) You (and others) have spent a lot of time discussing how bad the recruiting has been in recent years. Either the positions of need were not addressed, or the recruits themselves haven’t worked out. The 2013 recruiting class remains to be determined, but so far it appears to be a good class and the 2014 class is shaping up to be even better. How would you compare the differences between the two classes? Considering the 2013 class was recruited by different offensive coaches, how will the 2013 recruits fit in with current coaches system?

Chris Coleman: That’s a great question, and it’s an angle I haven’t taken before. I think we need to look at it position-by-position.

Quarterback: The new staff moved Carlis Parker to wide receiver immediately, and it appears they are in the process of moving Bucky Hodges to tight end. Both guys were developmental projects at quarterback, and for whatever reason they were top priorities at quarterback for the old coaching staff. I think it’s pretty clear that Scot Loeffler wouldn’t have recruited them as quarterbacks. He most likely would have targeted a guy like Christian Hackenberg, whom Tech didn’t bother to offer. He was Big Ten Freshman of the Year at Penn State. That’s the most damning thing you can say about the old staff … the QB they didn’t offer lit it up in the Big Ten, and the two quarterbacks they liked were/will be moved to different positions after a semester on campus. I’d have to say Tech’s quarterback recruiting took a big step forward in 2014.