Roundtable: What do you want from VT’s next AD?

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Jim Weaver; image courtesy
Jim Weaver; image courtesy

What would you like to see from Virginia Tech’s next athletics director?

Upwind of uva: I would like to see the following from Tech’s next AD:

Rebuild the “we’re all in this together” atmosphere between the athletics department and the alumni & fans

Admittedly, this may be the most difficult, if only because an athletic director cannot control fan sentiment. But the processes, policies and PR functions can’t fan the flames. An occupational hazard in athletics (pro, college or other) is that you need the fans and alumni, but man oh man can we be a pain in the tail, too. This can lead to staff feeling like the masses are a necessary evil, and only the small few (big donors and Hokie Club volunteers) are part of “the good guys”. Reseating is an example of a policy that is necessary, but I believe Tech has gone to the well too often. The same with Beamer’s agent negotiating ever-larger contracts, sometimes at the point of a gun.

The result is that at some point it stopped feeling like a family and more like extortion. The more people are forced to donate in order to keep their seats, the more they will view VT sports as a business relationship and expect a certain level of performance to justify the continued extortion. It’s a situation that cannot be ignored because money is the lifeblood of an athletics program, but my sense is that there are plenty of fans out there who have been pulling back the past few years in part because the whole