Same formula, same result

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Virginia Tech won for the sixth consecutive game on Saturday.  After last year, I think we can all agree that winning never gets old, even if the Hokies might not be the prettiest offensive team on the planet.

What does get old is writing the exact same Sunday article every week.  Tech beat Pitt the exact same way they beat UNC, Georgia Tech, etc.  They did it with a dominating defense, and an offense that can’t run the ball, but which makes plays in the passing game and doesn’t turn the ball over.

For the life of me, I can’t think of any new angles for this article, with the exception of how the Hokies used Dadi Nicolas .  I’ll focus on that, the ACC race, and perhaps some various other things that pop into my head along the way.


Dadi’s new role

We saw Dadi Nicolas used as both a defensive end and a whip linebacker against Pitt.  When he was at whip, it really wasn’t a lot different than how we saw Alonzo Tweedy used towards the end of last season: put an athletic player at the whip spot and have him blitz the heck out of the quarterback.

Pitt didn’t present a lot of challenges to the Tech defense.  Except for their two starting wideouts, no player on that offense had caught more than five passes heading into Saturday’s game.  Schematically they are not difficult to figure out.  They use a lot of power formations, and often use max protection schemes.

As a result, we saw Bud Foster use variations of Virginia Tech’s old wide tackle six schemes, with the whip and the rover aligning on the line of scrimmage outside the defensive ends, with