TSL Roundtable: Biggest worry after five games

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What’s your biggest worry thus far in the season?

Hokie CPA: I suppose there are a few things that could cause some concern this season. Can we stay healthy on defense? Will our freshmen cost us a game with a freshman mistake in a crucial situation? Will the light come on for Logan Thomas , allowing the offensive game to come alive? These are all legitimate concerns. However, I think the biggest worry still has to be the offensive line, and more specifically the running game which depends on it.

Rewind to 2004 – Bryan Randall’s senior season. The lights came on for him like someone flipped a switch in the middle of the season’s eighth game against Georgia Tech. What did Bryan Randall have that Logan Thomas doesn’t? At this point, it’s a running game. Bryan Randall had Mike Imoh and Cedric Humes behind him. Imoh rushed for 243 yards against UNC that year, setting a single game record that was eventually broken by Darren Evans in 2008.  Cedric Humes was a battering ram who personally ran over every member of the UVA defense on a single touchdown play. Bryan Randall was also a threat to run effectively.

So far, we haven’t seen anything close to that from the 2013 edition of the Virginia Tech offense. I know we have some young guys playing up front, but they now have a few games under their belts as starters and we should see improvement. As much potential as there is with Trey Edmunds and Chris Mangus running the football, what we really need is J.C. Coleman’s experience back in the lineup.