A big weekend for the Hokies

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This is a big upcoming weekend for Virginia Tech football.  The Hokies have a huge game with Coastal Division rival North Carolina, and it’s also a big recruiting weekend in Blacksburg.

Hokies can all but eliminate UNC from the Coastal Division race

I’ve seen enough from UNC to know that they aren’t going to compete for the Coastal Division title this year.  However, they are still officially in the running.  The Hokies can all but take them out of the competition with a victory this weekend.

Only four Coastal Division teams play conference games this weekend: Virginia Tech and UNC play each other, and Miami and Georgia Tech face off down in Coral Gables.  Two of those teams could be virtually eliminated from contention by the end of the weekend.

If things go this weekend like I think they’ll probably go, here’s how the Coastal Division standings will look next Monday…

Virginia Tech: 2-0
Miami: 1-0
Pitt: 2-1
Georgia Tech: 2-2
Virginia: 0-1
UNC: 0-2
Duke: 0-2

If Georgia Tech loses to Miami this weekend, they will have lost head-to-head tiebreakers against both Virginia Tech and the Canes.  That would virtually eliminate the Jackets from the race to Charlotte.  UNC would drop to 0-2 overall with a loss to the Hokies, and they have already lost the head-to-head battle with Georgia Tech.  They must still face Miami later this season as well.

If we can rule out the Jackets and the Heels (along with UVA and Duke) after this coming weekend, that leaves three possible Coastal Division Champions: Virginia Tech, Miami and Pitt.  Let’s see who those teams have left…

Pitt: at Virginia Tech, at Georgia Tech, vs. UNC, at Syracuse, vs. Miami

That’s not a great schedule for the Panthers.  They have to play Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech on the road, and Miami at home.

Miami: vs. Georgia Tech, at UNC (Thurs. night), vs. Wake, at FSU, vs. VT, at Duke, vs. UVA, at Pitt

The Canes still have head-to-head matchups against most of the toughest ACC opponents.  They do skip Clemson this year, and they don’t play Maryland either.  They get Virginia Tech at home (for the second year in a row…thanks ACC).

VT: vs. UNC, vs. Pitt, vs. Duke, at BC, at Miami, vs. Maryland, at UVA

Of the four most talented teams remaining on their schedule, the Hokies get three of them at home: UNC, Pitt and Maryland.  The Tar Heels and Panthers are visiting in the next two weeks.