Video Review: Selected plays from the WCU game

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It’s time for a quick video breakdown of a few plays from the Western Carolina game.

Today we’ll highlight both interceptions thrown by quarterback Logan Thomas and show you what went wrong.  Also, we’ll show a freshman mistake by cornerback Brandon Facyson that Torrian Gray will be able to use as a teaching tool.

Logan Thomas

Logan Thomas went 17-of-31 for 200 yards, with one touchdown and two interceptions.  Stats can sometimes be misleading, so it’s important to go back and watch film.  Logan made some very sharp throws on Saturday, but he also made some questionable ones.

People always want to talk about interceptions, so we’ll break down his two picks from Saturday.

On the first interception, he threw a deep ball to Demitri Knowles .  He had single coverage on the outside, so it wasn’t really a poor decision, but that pass didn’t have a great chance of being completed.

Knowles is the receiver at the bottom of the screen, and the cornerback is lined up a full 10 yards away.  You can’t tell it from the video, but in the stadium it looked liked the cornerback was still backing up when Logan Thomas threw the pass, and that Knowles hadn’t gotten by him yet.  While technically it was one-on-one coverage, that cornerback was playing more like a safety than a corner.  He had plenty of time to get himself in a good position to make a play on the football.

I don’t think Logan should have thrown that pass.  He had Trey Edmunds wide open over the middle, but he never bothered to look anywhere else other than his first read.  In this particular instance, he had trouble seeing things before they happened.  Edmunds would have had a nice gain on first down over the middle.  Rather than taking what WCU was giving him, Thomas attempted a low percentage pass.

On the second interception, it appears the Hokies were working on a pick play.  Watch the