Passing game vs. Alabama

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TSL user VTizzle put up a post on the Subscribers’ board yesterday that detailed every pass play from the Alabama game, including video links.  We decided to turn the post into a quick article.  The following is a direct copy and paste of VTizzle’s post.  Note that the opinions are not necessarily those of the TSL Staff.  Thanks to VTizzle for taking the time to do this!

There’s been a lot of discussion about the drops by the offense since the Alabama game. I had time to kill (as usual), I broke down every pass play by the VT offense vs Alabama. I counted a total of 28 pass plays by Logan Thomas. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Incomplete (Coles). Drop by Coles. Pass goes right between the receivers hands. Coles didn’t look ready.

2. Completion (Knowles). Catches and runs/jumps backwards 2 yards before being tackled.

3. Completion (Coles). Perfect throw down the middle of the field. 34 yard gain.

4. Incomplete (Thrown away). Hurry up play after the big gain. Looked like a possible screen play, Bama DL rushed LT that forced the throw away.

5. Incomplete (Knowles). Arguably a drop. Deep throw down the sidelines to Knowles. Surprisingly accurate after LT having a DLinemen in his face, and hit Knowles in his hands. Looked like he didn’t adjust well to the ball.

6. Incomplete (Knowles). Arguably a drop. Pass hits Knowles in the hands again. Pass thrown short of the first down marker. Was covered very well by the Bama cornerback.

7. Incomplete (Knowles). Drop by Knowles. Hit him right in the numbers with open field for him to run to the first down marker.