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Still no Marshall

Corey Marshall

Virginia Tech has begun game week preparations for Alabama, and as far as I know, Corey Marshall (#96, 6-1, 257, Jr.) hasn’t returned to the team.  If he has, it hasn’t been announced by Virginia Tech.  Marshall left the team over a week ago to deal with some personal issues, and Tech has been quiet about the situation ever since.

Marshall was serving as Tech’s third defensive tackle.  He played tackle two years ago as a true freshman, and defensive end as a sophomore.  Tech’s defensive end depth is very good this year, but it’s thin on the inside, so Marshall agreed to make the switch for the benefit of the team.

At Media Day, Marshall told me that he doesn’t prefer one position over the other.

“Nah, both of them are second nature to me now,” Marshall said.  “I have to keep improving and molding my craft, but as far as which one I prefer, I’m either/or right now.”

Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know.  Tech players these days are trained on how to talk to the media.  You aren’t going to see Marshall or any other player saying “Man, I really don’t like this position, I hope I get moved or else I’m going to quit the team!”  That’s not going to happen.

So what’s the real story with Marshall?  I don’t know, and Tech certainly isn’t talking.  But I know he missed a whole week of practice.  Even if he comes back this week, I don’t see him playing against Alabama.  You have to reward the players who stuck it out and practiced every day, not the guys who took a week off.

With no inside info whatsoever, I’m totally neutral to what happens with Marshall.  I only want him to come back if he’s 100% dedicated.